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A.I.D. Temporary Services A.I.D. Temporary Services
A.I.D. Temporary Services A.I.D. Temporary Services A.I.D. Temporary Services
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About Us


About Us

A.I.D. Temporary Services, Inc. was established in 1978 by a local businessman who saw the need for temporary employees. Today, still locally owned and operated, A.I.D. continues to supply temporary employees to service our clients ever changing needs. A.I.D. Temporary Services, Inc. attributes our success over the past 25+ years to providing our clients the best customer service possible.

A.I.D. Temporary Services, Inc. virtually eliminates the time, expense and documentation requirements involved with interviewing, screening applicants and processing payroll.

No matter the size of your business project, A.I.D. Temporary Services, Inc. would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with all your staffing needs.



  • Avoid costly unemployment from lay offs.
  • Eliminate interviewing and screening.
  • Meet fluctuating work loads.
  • Expedite unexpected rush jobs.
  • Pre-plan vacations without overloading company employees.
  • Reduce employee relation problems - you can cancel or change employees who are not appropriate for your organization.
  • One call can handle all of your staffing needs.

Your Permanent Employee

A.I.D. is not a private employment agency. No placement fees are charged to our employees. An A.I.D. temporary may become your permanent employee after the completion of 480 hours of temporary employment with your company.

When a permanent vacancy does occur within your company, A.I.D. encourages the client to consider the qualifications and performance of any A.I.D. temporary employee assigned to your company.

You may decide to hire the temporary employee as a permanent employee before the completion of the 480 hour minimum. However, there will be a $500 settlement charge assessed minus the 50 cents per hour for each hour the temporary employee worked for your company.

Our Billing Procedure

You will receive a weekly billing with a confirmation of hours worked. The hourly rate includes: Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation, Unemployment, Social Security, State and Federal Taxes.